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Boditronics Express Whey Cookies And Cream Review
protein supplementsI recently decided that after almost a year of using My Protein products, I was totally bored with their flavours and so decided to try a different protein powder. My brother had tried Boditronics Express Whey and found it to be very nice so I gave it a go.
I found that the cheapest place to buy it from was Bargain Supplements, who do a deal where you can buy 2 tubs for £55 delivered, and it only took about three days for my order to come through.
The first thing I noticed when I made myself a shake was that it was a lot thicker than I was used to. When I poured it out of my blender after having made my first breakfast shake, after pouring it into a glass, the residue that was on the side of the blender jug took ages to fall down.
I must confess, that for my breakfast shake, I do add milk, water and a banana, and so some of this thickness does come from having a banana blended into the shake. But even so, it was much thicker than when I used to make my shakes before.
The flavour is really strong, and it does taste like cookies and cream, which is sort of like a really creamy, amercian milk chocolate flavour. Think of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, cookie dough flavour and you’re not too far off.
As for the protein content of the shake, it’s roughly 73% protein, made up of whey isolate, whey concentrate and micellar casein, so you get a good blend of different time releasing proteins. The powder also contains pro-biotic so it helps to keep your digestive system healthy too!
I haven’t tried it with dextrose as part of my post workout protein shake, but I will be back in the gym next week, so will write an update to this post to describe what it’s like with dextrose.