10 Fish Tattoos


Fish Tattoos. Seafood tattoos are an important section of the art of tattooing. For hundreds of years, it has been a symbol of various values. Some cultures started praying to a fish as their Our god because it was responsible for the actual protection of their food. It had been even believed that ocean gods and goddesses are generally under the control of sea creatures. In the modern age too, seafood are considered very important for success by the eastern world plus they are related to Christianity by the , the burkha. Such tattoos can symbolize wisdom, creativity, wealth, large quantity, strength, loyalty, women, joy, luck, courage, etc . Within a negative sense, fish furthermore symbolize threats and avarice.

Another popular design that is preferred by a majority of skin image lovers, is the Shark tatto design. We all know that a shark can be a brutal creature and for that reason this design is seen with this particular negativity attached to it. Fish Tattoos However it is not all negative; fishes also have some positivity related to them. Some people prefer to obtain inked with this design to demonstrate their respect towards the marine and their ancestors. Although Shark designs are not common, an excellent they are applied with ability and care, they are incredibly appealing and stunning.

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