Collar Bone Tattoos


Collar Bone Tattoos. Bye-bye to the bicep - probably the most popular new spots with regard to tattoos is the collar bone tissue. Made popular by celebs like Rihanna and Dark red Rose, the color bone is really a daring yet delicate method for women to get creative. Not just women are in on the large real estate their ink, however men are finding ways to acquire chest pieces naturally well guided by the clavicle. It’s a ideal spot to have quotes operate naturally along, or to assist guide the natural flow of larger pieces. From the famous towards the unfamiliar, check out some of the best training collar bones tattoos out there. Whether or not it’s a place you want to begin or the next spot for the body-art collection, here’s 53 ideas to get you inspired!

Collar Bone Tattoos. Whenever you’re looking to commemorate a flash, it makes a great statement to get it etched next to your own heart. Done at Kat Von D’s iconic store High Voltage, this girly take on the chest item is a bold and gorgeous way to preserve a special day, also it looks adorable peaking from her jacket!

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