Elephant Tattoo

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Elephant Tattoo, A Semicolon is the punctuation mark that you use in a new sentence when you could have completed it but decide to carry on writing. One can also convert its application in a phrase to a real life situation, which is more so when it comes to self-injury and suicide. The semicolon is also a symbol of wish and understanding. You do not have to become struggling with depression or nervousness to have this tattoo. Additionally it is an excellent idea to have one particular so that you can give hope to someone who is going through a tough some encourage them that they will conquer their struggles.

Elephant Tattoo, Tattoos certainly are a conversation starter, and so you may have a semicolon to make folks close to you talk about the different stuff that it represents. Raising attention this way is very beneficial for men and women struggling with various things in every area of your life because talking leads to knowing and solutions. Having the idea inked on your body often means that you would have ended your daily life or drowned yourself throughout misery, but you decided to keep on living or start a brand new life free from the thoughts of suicide.

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