Tribal Lion Tattoo 2016


Tribal Lion Tattoo, Tattoos are popular among the people. Tattoos have a rich history. These were worn by the various tribes. Body art signified a source of accomplishment and ranks. Players inked tattoos on their chests and go to show strength. Women inked body art as well. Some tribes inked tattoos in specific places as per their tribal lineage. The Visays and The Mindanao tribe women wore tattoos on their arms and arms. Whereas the Luzon mountain tribes wore tattoos on their full chest and arms. For women, tattoo designs were a mark of beauty.

These tattoos are popular today also. However they are not worn for the same reason as the earlier times. Today, tattoos are a sign of style. Tribal Lion Tattoo, People want to have something that makes them different from the other people. Tattooing is also a part of expressing one’s inner wishes, dealing with one’s internal fears or simply being in touch with yourself or your loved ones. Tattoos today have gone long way from just being fashion statements. So , here’s a look at the some Filipino tattoo designs

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