10 Tattoo Flash


Tattoo Flash Tattooing has long been a mobile art. The fact that a tattooer’s function literally travels from place to place and could never be seen again through the artist is a case in point. Tats such as the ones pictured within this book were historically obtained as mementos: colorful attractions of a particular time and put in place the life of their wearer.
Skin icon Flash Traditionally, a body may have told of journey on the high seas, the particular allure of foreign countries, lush green jungles, as well as memory of a gracefully unsteadiness hula girl beneath the exotic moon. These sort of “souvenir” tattoo images were often seen around the bodies of travelers, including the early Christian pilgrims, mariners, migrant tradesmen, carnival individuals, and plain folks via all walks of life who discovered themselves on the move.

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