Cool Tattoos


Cool Tattoos, A semicolon tatto has been part of phrase tattoo designs for many years but in the last few years, it has become a distinct totem. Many people credit Amy Bleuel for your popularity of the semicolon body through her Semicolon Task that she launched in 2016. In this project, 1 had to draw a semicolon anywhere on the body, photograph that and then share with others upon social media sites. The project had been way more successful than Amy imagined as thousands of people around the world took the challenge.

Cool Tattoos, Although it would definitely be something temporary it is immense popularity saw the particular Semicolon Project becoming some thing permanent with the aim of assisting spread awareness on various mental illnesses such as anxiousness and depression. Amy wished to use this project to recognize his father who required his life as a result of problems with mental illness. The lady also admits that this wounderful woman has also had to struggle with psychological illness over the years, and so the woman aim was to raise recognition and to start a conversation with this topic because few people are prepared to talk about it.

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