10 Army Tattoos


10 Army Tattoos “The only tattoos appropriate on the neck are those within the back of the neck, ” said Hank Minitrez, Army G-1 Recruiting Policy spokesman. “The ‘back’ of the neck is defined as becoming just under the ear lobe and across the back of your head. Throat tattoos on which portion of the neck considered as the front, the ear lobe forward) are prohibited. ”“While the Army places rely upon the integrity of the Soldiers and leaders, in case a Soldier has a questionable situation regarding tattoos, he or she must seek the advice on the local commander through the cycle of command, ” additional Minitrez.

The current tattoo rules was released last March in addition to updated in September. 10 Army Tattoos The particular highly unpopular policy restricted to four the number of tattoos troops can have below the elbow as well as knee. It also limited the dimensions of the tattoos to the wearer’s hand. The regulation likewise initially barred soldiers who else ran afoul of the guidelines from requesting a commission rate, sparking anger among numerous soldiers. The September up-date grandfathered enlisted seeking a new commission or appointment, so long as they have their commander’s recommendation.

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