10 Compass Tattoos


10 Compass Tattoos With the new Star Battles movie out I’m getting excited about seeing it with our kids and brother about monday. I grew up greatly influenced by Star Competitions. Here are some cool pieces I did so awhile back for an skill show in boston known as art strikes back. It had been a collaboration of thirty seven different artist from throughout putting their spin around the franchise. Compass Tattoo Symbolism - The compass design and style is a popular maritime tattoo, highlighting the long history which includes intertwined body art along with sailors, and is similar to the maritime star in its symbolism. Within the early age of sail, mariners navigated their way via uncharted waters and not known perils armed only using the stars at night, a compass to point North in addition to there own wits to steer them.

The compass plus the North Star were everything a good sailor needed to discover his way in the world, therefore both were popular tattoo images. 10 Compass Tattoos A tattoo not only to assist navigate the sea, but to create ones way through living. Some of the most popular compass tattoo images are lifted straight from old navigational charts.

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