10 Crazy Tattoos


10 Crazy Tattoos The "Diamonds" singer got a traditional Maori tattoo while in New Zealand in October 2013. Nearby musician Tiki Taane and also tattooist Inia Taylor distributed a video of Rihanna obtaining inked using a chisel along with mallet on her hand. Michele may play good woman Rachel Berry on the Sibel hit Glee, but the celebrity has an edgy exterior. Michele has nine tattoos, such as the word "Imagine, " that she and costars Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale got inked on their remaining feet. As part of her job interview with Rolling Stone mag in September 2013, the particular "We Can't Stop" vocalist got "ROLLING $TONE" tattooed on the bottom of her ft.

When you are looking for the perfect tatto, you have to find the best tattoo best suited both your lifestyle and your character. 10 Crazy Tattoos The best tattoo for you may not be the best tattoo for everyone, however it should reflect what you want inked on your body and what you would like it to represent. Tattoos is definitely a representation of something you think in, something you want to keep in mind, or something that is compatible together with your style. Anything less might just be a picture displayed without having meaning, substance, or grounding. The best tattoo is the 1 you have thought about and really looked for.

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