Celtic Tattoos


Celtic Tattoos. Fight among the Celts was considered as the very highest honor. The actual Celts engaged in battle bare-chested, or even naked further rewarding a stance of violence against their foes. In addition , Celtic warriors would style their hair with bright passes away (from flower pastes), as well as typically manipulate the hair within tall spikes around the mind (think Celtic punk rock).

To perform Celtic tattoos, the actual leaves of the Woad flower are harvested and dried out. The dried leaves tend to be then boiled and stretched, and boiled again making a viscous end product. This Woad paste is then tapped in to the skin with needle such as implements - forcing the particular indigo stain under the pores and skin layers, creating the indelible style. Illustrations of woad tattoo designs on Picts show the Los angeles Tene designs as the entire body modifications of choice.

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