Hummingbird Tattoo


Hummingbird Tattoo, Since Medusa is really a tragical character from the Greek mythology, women who would like to share the tragedy and also the sorrow of the creature’s existence could possibly get an inking of weeping Medusa on their own body. A complete Medusa’s figure with bewitching try looking in your eyes is among the art full designs you're going to get on the market.

Hummingbird Tattoo, The body art can also be popular and tattooists may put it along the side of the body. It’s a women’s inking design. Perseus, a Greek hero, used Medusa’s mind in order to save the existence of her mother from Ocean Monster’s - kraken - laws and regulations. Therefore, a Medusa’s mind having a shield or perhaps in a shield and criss-mix swords tattoos represent defense against danger and evil.

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