Scott Campbell Tattoo Artist


Scott Campbell Tattoo Artist, The Medusa’s Face grimace petrifies evil spirits right where they are therefore keeping those who brandish this picture safe. Like a protection symbol, the gorgon also symbolizes another facet of mother goddess particularly because the child of Gala - the creator. In modern sense, the look of the mythical creature can be utilized like a warning to help keep others far away.

Scott Campbell Tattoo Artist, The dark tones boost the creatures’ hideous features and offer its visage like a dreadful monster. The snakes around Medusa’s mind are often portrayed as coiled and try to prepared to strike therefore emphasizing her power. On the other hand, you are able to portray Medusa like a fair faced lady - mortal lady. Some versions from the Medusa myth let her know rape by Poseidon which eventually changed her in to the horrifying monster.

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