White Tattoos


White Tattoos, A semicolon somewhere with your wrist can also be a long term reminder that you should never try to end your life. Apart from this, you may also use it as a memory of somebody dear to you that dedicated suicide and a sign which you still love them regardless of how these people decided to leave this world. A good thing about tattoos is that you may draw them in limitless ways, and so they will always provide you with the opportunity to come up with a distinct style and design. A semicolon tattoo is not really an exception, and although it may look very simple, there are still ways that you can have it.

White Tattoos, The following are several examples of the different design variants or types of a semicolon that you can have. If you incorporate it with another symbolic representation such as a butterfly or a compass, you will also give it a different that means. For, example a semicolon in the middle of a compass implies that you know the direction wherever your life is heading towards so you are very hopeful and positive.

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