10 Henna Tattoo Designs


10 Henna Tattoo Designs. A Henna Cal . king Exclusive, our Design Guide Kits make anyone resemble a great Henna Artist. Simply trace or freehand the actual tattoo design from the style book onto the skin after that apply the henna adopting the design. Henna King Woman It is that easy! You will be from our exclusive Design Publications. You don't have to be a great performer to use our Tattoo Style Books. You can buy kits with regard to home or for expert. We have kits for men (boys), women (girls), and the unisex (both genders). Kits include pre-made henna cones (natural, black (henna & indigo), and burgundy, henna natural powder or tubes of pre-made Hollywood Ink in eleven colors (henna paste along with colors). You can even mix and match. Each and every kit comes with dark yellowing long lasting henna and easy to comprehend directions. Buy your Henna Full Design Book Kits these days and become a Henna Performer tomorrow! Henna Artists could make between $100 - $150 per hour for adult or even childrens parties. Start a new company and make additional money any time anyplace or just have a great time with whomever you choose!

Henna tattoo design as well as body art kit. Beautify your body with a beautiful henna design with our unique henna body art kit. Our own henna body art package includes dye and stencils for henna tattoo design and style.

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