Abstract Tattoos


Abstract Tattoos, There is also another option of having your personal skull head with the mouth area wide open and a small see between the teeth. A jean pocket watch is one of the most popular steampunk accessories, and any person which is fascinated with this subculture must have one. If you want a symbolic wallet watch tattoo, then the Omnipresent Eye on a pyramid is usually s perfect idea to suit your needs.

Abstract Tattoos, Apart from this, it is also a beautiful graphic, and so it will also make an attractive tattoo. For this design, you need to have a traditional pocket watch plus the eye on a pyramid in the center of the watch. In addition to this you can also have a large eyes on a pyramid and have the classic watch at the heart of it. Still when drawing a steampunk pocket watch tattoo, you need to get inventive if you want this to maintain the elements of the traditions.

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