Bee Tattoo 2017


Bee Tattoo.
Beekeeping has been documented like a human activity as far back as with the Historic Egyptians where beeswax utilized in the mummification process. Since that time bees have had a place throughout countless cultures, societies as well as traditions and in doing so took on all manner of meaning and also symbolism- from bringers regarding death to the restorers involving life, from symbols connected with royalty and historic nobleman to keepers of wisdom- you name it bees have been related to it!! In the modern world bees in many cases are associated with being industrious, occupied and hardworking, and it is through contemporary associations like these that lots of bee tattoos find their own meaning!

Believe it or not, bee tattoo designs are some of the most popular insect tats that are requested today. Bee tattoo designs will showcase this particular insect individually, or sometimes, in large swarms. Although there is some debate on the symbolism behind the bee tattoo, most scholars may agree on a few basics. The current consensus is that they represent the will for an ordered life, regard for social order along with diligence.

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