Dagger Tattoo


Dagger Tattoo, Some people may even have the watch and compass on their chests with every occupying one side showing their importance and connotation in a person’s life. A good owl is a mysterious pet lurking in the night, and a lot people associate it with assorted things. In some cultures, this can be a symbol of bad omen while it symbolizes wisdom for some. They are a good variation for any pocket watch tattoo, and you may also draw it in lots of ways.

Dagger Tattoo, You can have a full image of the owl with the talons getting on a vintage pocket enjoy or have the clock on the chest muscles of the owl. It is very fashionable and stylish to have a skull in your tattoo, and so it is famous for people to combine it using their pocket watch. In this body, the watch will be on the higher part of the skull head, and you ought to draw it in a way that can make it look like part of the head.

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