Dragon Tattoo


Dragon Tattoo, There are lots of theories and stories with regards to the source of the chakra skin image, and this is because of the contradictory accounts of the history in the seven main chakras. One of these indicates that the chakras originated in India in the period among 1500 and 500 BC. And this is according to several old Indian texts which are called the Vedas. There is also proof of their existence from this earlier period in other text messaging such as the Shandillya Upanishad as well as Yoga-Shikka Upanishad.

Dragon Tattoo, According to historians and Chakra scholar the data on the chakras was not created and for many years the Aryan people would pass that down through their dental tradition until some modern age authors gave the chakras some symbols and released them. However , there are a few stories that most people seem to agree with, and they are also what the majority of historians will reference whenever writing about chakras.

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