Giraffe Tattoo 2017


Giraffe Tattoo.
Like tattoos together with spiritual and religious connotation, military tattoos often have a solid element of the amulet or even talisman connected to them. Safety in battle was normally a specific requirement of tattoos obtained in many cultures and the skin image was accompanied with rituals, incantations, and pigment which was considered to have special or marvelous properties. Tattooing was completed by Shamans, medicine men, priests and other individuals who were proven to have access to special powers. These types of properties might render a person invisible or impervious towards the weapons of opponents. The tattoo in this instance was designed to act as a shield and also a final line of personal protection. This is still a perception in places like Burma, Thailand and other areas.

Tats in the US armed forces have a lengthy and colorful tradition. The actual millions of Americans who have offered either as active support personnel or reservists indicates a countless number of inked battle veterans. Many of them have received tattoos as a constant tip that they once belonged to a specific unit or platoon, in order to acknowledge their loyalty not just in their unit but also for their country, to show feelings associated with camaraderie they felt, and even to mark the loss of somebody close to them.

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