Hand Tattoos


Hand Tattoos, A small ethnical cross is another one of the historic tattooing styles and typically done in solid black printer, although now coloured printer ink is also used. Small winged crosses tend to be popular with each sexes and generally carry any connotation of a loss of a family member or a near death encounter. Naturally placed on the top on the back, designs hugely differ in their size and complexness.

Hand Tattoos, A gothic cross can be another popular one but offers different connotations and is generally associated with pain or frustration, which tends to be representative of typically the Gothic culture. Unlike some other patterns, this particular one retains a much deeper meaning and it is usually used as more a decorative feature. This style heavily symbolises loss of a pricey one; it represents rely upon God and the wings on their own represent the notion of lifestyle after death, symbolising that the loved one went on to a much better and holier place.

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