Navy Tattoos


Navy Tattoos.
If there was one subset of service that was synonymous along with tattoos, I think it would be the actual Navy. The days of a Sailor man pulling into some amazing far east port and possessing a few drinks, and then started down to the local tattoo performer have been seriously hampered through the latest instructions. A Sailor man can still get a tattoo, however he or she must consider a number of points before picking the location, dimension, and content. So before you receive your next tattoo, keep reading!

4 criteria will be used to determine whether or not tattoos/body art/brands are allowed for Navy personnel: content material, location, size and beauty. (During the screening procedure, tattoos must be seen possibly in person or by sighting a photograph) The following continues to be extracted from NAVADMIN 082/16, CNRC N3 Operational.

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