Panther Tattoo


Panther Tattoo, The Infinite Eye is often placed within or on top of a triangle or pyramid in tattoo images (sometimes a thirteen stage unfinished pyramid as observed on the dollar bill). For some people, this eye could have a more literal meaning for instance “open your eyes as to what is happening around you” as well as to represent that they consider their selves enlightened. The triangle by itself is a spiritual symbol utilized in both Christianity (Father, Boy, and Holy Ghost) along with other religions.

Panther Tattoo, In ancient Hebrew, the number 3 was used to symbolize the spiritual realm. The time or compass is used within Illuminati tattoos to symbolize often the control and insight connected with God, the devil or the magic formula organization itself. Time and path are factors beyond the control and are used since there are people who believe that the Illuminati’s power is beyond the overall population’s comprehension.

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