Sister Tattoos


Sister Tattoos, Mickey along with Minnie Mouse have been with each other a long time, almost 90 years, actually as they were first released by the famous Walt Disney in 1928. These loving mice characters have made an appearance in comics, movies, toons and on millions of items of products since and their popularity never waned. Since his very first appearance Mickey has always been used much the same way. His specific feature is, of course , his or her round head with 2 round ears on top (which stay the same no matter what user profile he appears in). The particular silhouette of the ears in addition to head are just as identifiable as Mickey himself and they are used as the Official Disney Mascot.

Sister Tattoos, Mickey is actually able to boast a celebrity on the Hollywood Walk regarding Fame! His best friends consist of Goofy and Donald Joker and he has a dog called Pluto. He usually dons short white gloves as well as red clothing; most commonly a couple of red shorts. That’s not really something you can say regarding many fictional cartoon numbers! Disney fans who are additionally tattoo fans love to mix their favorites into Disney tattoos and the most popular of those are the Mickey and Minnie Mouse tattoos.

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