Spiderman Tattoo


Spiderman Tattoo.
There has been much conversation about the meaning of the 3 teardrops which he has tattooed directly below his eye. These tattoos have had numerous interpretations. Some people say that the actual teardrops represent the number of individuals the person has killed. But Lil Wayne has obviously reported that he has never wiped out another person. Others have recommended that the teardrops may symbolize three of his pals who have died, given that they have two tears below among his eyes and one split below the other eye. It might represent two separate occasions when his loved ones died. Another meaning of a tear skin image is the number of years one has offered in prison. Lil David has served time in jail.

Along with Lil Wayne's impressive musical career, much discussion about this famous rap celebrity has focused on the spectacular tattoos that brand their body. Some people do not like the particular tattoos and many others find them a piece of art. Whatever your own opinion may be, one thing definitely is that he definitely creates a lot of controversy along with record sales.

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