Sugar Skull Tattoos


Sugar Skull Tattoos. Sugars skull tattoos or a tarambana in Mexican language, is really a representation of the human head. It is a popular figure in South america and is usually made of sugars (thus the name sugar skull) or clay especially when needed of The Dead celebration, quite similar to our celebration of most Souls Day and Halloween party. These sweet skulls in many cases are given as gifts as well as and can be eaten. They are embellished in lovely colors and also flowers to add more elegance to such grim estimate other cultures.

Sugar Skull Tattoos. Unlike some other cultures, the Mexicans along with other related cultures celebrate The actual All Souls Day through decorating and spending time in the graves of the dead family members. Sugar skulls are also well-known tattoos. The skull is short for human power and power to the Aztecs. In this post, we now have collected 38 beautiful glucose skull tattoos.

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