Tattoo And Piercing Shops


Tattoo And Piercing Shops.
Celebrities do make some interesting tattoo options, don’t they? Take Hilary Duff, for example , who lately got matching tattoos ready BFF Alanna Masterson, who else stars on The Walking Lifeless. Their choice of image was… interesting. “Interesting” is the term I use for things Really dont like, in case you weren’t conscious. The “interesting” tattoo I am referring to features a ghost -- the bedsheet kind a person dressed up as for Halloween whenever you were five - using the phrase “ride or die” on the bottom.

I won’t make-believe to understand why they select this image, but I will go ahead and assume it’s some type of inside joke. I’m simply worried they’ll regret selecting something so seasonal. Are not they afraid it’ll conflict when they wear holiday mantle? You can’t be eating Xmas tree cookies and consuming eggnog with a spooky Halloween party ghost adorning your equip. Isn’t that like the very first rule in Martha Stewart’s tattoo rules? You women should know better. Fingers entered you continue to “ride or die” as ghost buddies, which means you don’t feel embarrassed about obtaining matching tats with your ex-friend years down the line.

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