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Tattoo Games, an additional theory suggesting the origin from the popularity of shamrock is the a single linked to Saint Patrick. It truly is believed that the Saint used symbol to illustrate the actual Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity. It is against the background of these teachings that the tattoo images drawn from the shamrock have experienced such a great spiritual importance to many people to date. Performing as a Christian missionary in order to Ireland, the Saint is probably the first of missionaries who superior the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

Tattoo Games, He used the shamrock symbolism to illustrate that even though there is only one Supreme Becoming, he exists in 3 forms namely God the daddy, God the son in addition to God the Holy Nature. Shamrock tattoos have different definitions to different people. As mentioned previously, the tattoos are a associated with the Holy Trinity, any doctrine advanced among several Christian believers suggesting the presence of God as three creatures.

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