What Does A Teardrop Tattoo Mean


What Does A Teardrop Tattoo Mean.
The tattooed tear decrease under the eye dates back to the 1960's and it connotation varies depending on the placement in its appearance and if the tear fall is filled in or vacant. An empty tear drop usually symbolizes that the wearer offers lost a loved one and they are completely crying, but the empty rip drop can also symbolize the longing for revenge. If this vengeance is carried out in the form of killing the tear drop skin icon is then filled in.

Tattoos possess always had symbolic which means both to the the wearer and also to the society they reside in. As tattooing has grew alot in popularity much of the initial tattoo symbolism has dropped by the way side. While many tattoo images have completely lost generally there original meanings, facial tattooing has remained taboo. This has permitted its symbolism to remain mainly intact.

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