White Ink Tattoos


White Ink Tattoos, The Semicolon Project also sought to teach people about suicide and provide them hope so as to slow up the alarming rate of people using their lives each year. The main goals of the Semicolon Job and also what was on Amy’s mind when she released it was to raise awareness for that different mental illnesses. The girl personal experience with emotional conditions and the loss of your ex father have always been her power. She wanted to start a discussion on the different conditions that individuals struggle with, and they include stress and anxiety, depression, suicide, addiction as well as self-injury.

White Ink Tattoos, And so having a semicolon symbol can symbolize you have been struggling with any of this particular or someone very close for you is going through one or a few them. Soon people were obtaining permanent tattoos of the semicolon and spicing them as much as create some cool picture. And over the last couple of years, nice of the semicolon tattoo continues to be on a steady rise, which is now part of the body artwork of people from all decades.

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