Star Tattoos


Star Tattoos, The Overhead is at the bottom on the seven, and its symbol is really a lotus flower that has four petals, and this shows a strong base. The throat will be the fifth, and it is blue nélombo with sixteen petals and like the others, it is very representational. People will get the body to represent ideal resolutions, correct judgment, and higher conversation. The sixth is 3rd Eye and to sketch it you should have an indigo lotus with two significant petals on the sides.

Star Tattoos, This kind of tattoo means understanding, spiritual connectedness, clearing sadness, and imagination. And finally typically the seventh one is the The queen's , and it is very particular because it is violet in colour and it is a lotus using a thousand petals. Crown is a symbol of pure being, understanding without any confines and bright connectedness. When getting these tattoo images.

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