Tribal Arm Tattoos 2016


Tribal Arm Tattoos, The lines between ‘male’ and ‘female’ tattoo designs are blurred; traditionally men went for the standard skulls, crosses and bulldogs while women chose flowers, hearts and minds and cute animals. This kind of a stereotype isn’t true any longer, ask any tattooist and they’ll explain to you they can expect to ink virtually anything on anyone today.

1 style of tattoo which is popular for both genders is the tribe tattoo. Tribal Arm Tattoos, Again, there isn’t a particular gender-oriented style but female tribal designs lean more towards the curvy, flowing style than the more spiky, thorny look of one a person might favour. Often the female tribal design will intertwine with vines, plants or butterflies, resulting in a feminine yet ‘tough’ look which may be extremely attractive, if inked well and in a good location on the body.

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