Tribal Tattoo Meanings 2016


Tribal Tattoo Meanings, People have been getting tribal tattoo designs all over the world since the first presence of culture began, making tribal tattoo designs for women popular by nature. In some tribes the getting of the first tattoo was a rite of passageway, marking the milestone of a young person coming old. It was believed that only a new woman who could tolerate the pain that getting a tattoo entails could be considered fit enough to go with the travails of giving birth to a child. This made her a person of worth to be regarded as for marriage.

For men, keeping the pain of tattooing signified their strength and endurance – making them worthy to be a good warrior. After all, being able to keep pain stoically is important in the battlefield. Tribal Tattoo Meanings, In certain ancient tribes a tattoo was a matter of adding to one’s elegance or increasing social standing up and position. This might be true, even today, for some of the oldest enduring tribes, but in the modern world, a skin image has become a issue of adornment and way of self expression.

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