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Tattoo Ink. The actual short answer to the issue is: You can't be totally certain! Manufacturers of ink and pigments are not necessary to reveal the contents. An expert who mixes his or her personal inks from dry tones will be most likely to know the actual composition of the inks. But the information is proprietary (trade secrets), so you may or may not obtain answers to questions.

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Tattoo Ink
. The majority of tattoo inks technically not necessarily inks. They are composed of hues that are suspended in a service provider solution. Contrary to popular belief, pigments are certainly not vegetable dyes. Today's colors primarily are metal salts. However , some pigments tend to be plastics and there are probably a few vegetable dyes too. The particular pigment provides the color of the particular tattoo. The purpose of the provider is to disinfect the color suspension, keep it evenly combined, and provide for ease of software.

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