Anchor Tattoo Meaning


Point Tattoo Meaning Tattooing is definitely an incredibly ancient form of artwork and self-expression. From the very first age of sail, sailors travelling farther and farther overseas had begun to encounter native people who had tattooed on their own for years. Sailors often obtained tattooed themselves as a type of souvenir, to show where that they had been. Even today, sailors are usually somewhat superstitious, and generally really aware of symbolism. Tattoos really are a most intimate way of associating a symbol (and accompanying meaning) with yourself.
Anchor Tattoo Which means Many “traditional” tattoos acquire roots in the history and traditions of sailors. The “hold fast” tattoo i have is very traditional. It has since already been adopted by other tattooing subcultures, but the original intention was to prevent sailor’s fingers from slipping on collections, or to secure yourself to the particular riggin’ when working topside in weather. To many sailor-folk, the meaning of “hold fast” is obvious enough, however those whose ear’s are not trained to it, it might audio a contradiction.

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