Behind The Ear Tattoos


Celtic Mix Tattoos When you think of Christianity, you’re reminded of crucifixion, or more commonly the man known as Christ. The execution style included being nailed to a wood cross as punishment. However what’s interesting is that both the up and down and horizontal beams had been believed to represent ideas. Typically the horizontal was seen as woman, with thoughts of damage, death and earth. As the vertical was seen as men, with the idea of being eternal, energetic, and full of life.
Celtic Combination Tattoos Yet when it comes to the actual Celtic cross, aka the particular oldest cross in existence, everything is quite different. It’s more than a symbolic representation of Celtic faith along with heritage. When you see these types of body art they often combine loops, knot and mazes into the style. Knots represent the link among spiritual and physical. Streets are the ending of the group, and the cross itself displays us the diverse pathways we all take in life.

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