Custom Temporary Tattoos


Custom Temporary Tattoos Make sure you keep in mind that while we can seek to have your tattoos for you by a specific date, it is far from possible for us to guarantee a detailed date of delivery. Short-term tattoos are printed together with vegetable dyes which have very long drying times, and sometimes we require an extra a couple days before we can ship out your tattoos. This is because tattoos delivered with wet ink seem to have drastically faded or maybe blotchy colors, and are frequently considered to be of unacceptable high quality.
Custom Temporary Tattoos Entire body Graphics has been in business over 10 years. Our niche in the market is that we focus not only on producing tattoos, but additionally working with you and your design to produce something that the end user will discover cool, and thus wear lengthier, and therefore increase the advertising possible. As with any promotional product, a person benefit from creating something smooth and stylish. And because it expenses just as much to produce an awesome-looking tattoo as a mediocre 1, why not let us work with you to definitely create a design that your customers would really be excited about putting on?

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