Hamsa Tattoo


Hamsa Tattoo. The actual hamsa hand has a wide selection of different spellings which include hamesh, hamsa, chamsa, and khamsa. It is also identified as the Hands of Miriam, Aaron as well as Moses’s sister, and the Palm of Fatima. The hamsa hand has two primary styles. One style is actually shaped like a regular hands, and the other has 2 symmetrical thumbs; the second from the two styles being the most famous.

Hamsa Tattoo. he wearer of the hamsa palm can wear it facing upward or down and it is considered to give the owner success, tranquility, and protection from the Ayin Ha’ra, also known as the bad eye. Reflecting inner eyesight and understanding, the hamsa hand sometimes includes a watch symbol. It is commonly used within jewelry and as decorative add on.

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