Mom Tattoos


Mom Tattoos. In spite of its immense popularity, not many people know where praying hands tattoo from. You will find different stories and trading accounts that try to explain the actual origins of this famous art work but most of them are quite incorrect, and they are simply just stories. Probably the most reliable account of the source of this tattoo comes from the storyplot of an 18-year-old German performer named Albrecht Daurer.

Mom Tattoos. Based on this story, Albrecht colored the praying hands like a gift for the mayor associated with Frankfort in the 15th millennium. The mayor received the particular gift with a lot of exhilaration as he considered this a magnificent piece of art. He was therefore pleased with the painting he even commissioned it as a good altarpiece in 1508. Following the commissioning, it became very popular however a fire in 1729 ruined the original one. However , there have been other copies and some drawings that Albrecht had created. It is from these duplicates that people started replicating this particular artwork into other mediums and eventually as a tattoo on the bodies.

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