Semi Colon Tattoo


Semi Intestinal tract Tattoo Inspired by Task Semicolon in the United States, EMHAC offers marked #YEGsemicolon as their signature bank event, which brings together the collective of local skin image shops and artists in order to physically mark the semicolon icon on a participant’s entire body. The September 2015 occasion saw nearly 700 individuals get permanent semicolon tats, and EMHAC’s goal would be to double that number this season.
Semi Colon Tattoo twenty local tattoo artists are confirmed to donate their own time for the May fifteen event, and it’s anticipated there will be a total of thirty tattoo artists by the time the big event takes place. Participants can sign up to receive one, two or perhaps all three of the designated tattoo images this year - a semicolon, an arrow, or a heart beat. Organizers say that this gives individuals who already have a semicolon tatto an opportunity to join the 2016 event and get a new body, or add to their current one.

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