Skull Tattoo


Skull Tattoo. Each and every tattoo artist has got a minumum of one in his portfolio, and they are found in any country, any world in the world, with a range of variants: Tibetan skulls, sugar skulls, rock'n'roll skulls, etc . These people vary in size, meaning as well as color, although mostly present in black and grey. Associated with flowers, crows, snakes or women, they all point out something apparent: LIFE IS SHORT, so you much better live it at its maximum.

Skull Tattoo. Human skull is one associated with popular subjects in tattoo designs as well as paintings and dvd illusions. You may wonder the reason why people get skull tats. Skull has long been considered as the actual vessel of the soul, or even wisdom of ancestors. Skulls cannot be taken as a simply symbol of death, but since a symbol of rebirth, symbolizing everlasting life which can only be attainable through spiritual death and also rebirth.

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