Stained Glass Tattoo


Stained Cup Tattoo We were browsing through our own tattoo-packed Facebook news give food to when we came across a gorgeous discolored glass piece done by Ink Master‘s St. Marq (season six). Needless to say his insane function got us thinking about the rest of the stained glass tattoos going swimming the internet and lucky for a few, gracing skin. The style is not any walk in the park and a great deal of talent from the tattooer. Get ready to be wowed through some amazing stained cup tattoos.
Stained Glass Skin image For many people, stained-glass windows tend to be associated with Christian churches. However stained glass is not always religious. This type of art is made from colored glass, invented within the Antiquity and soon utilized to decorate sacred places for example temples, mosque and church buildings. Stained-glass windows, using business lead setting, became very popular within Europe in the Middle Age, in order to illustrate scenes of religion, historical past or important persons like saints and kings.

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