10 Autism Tattoos


10 Autism Tattoos Elizabeth McMeniman is the mother of 5-year-old Nathan, who has autism. For your second year in a line, McMeniman partnered with Disarray Ink owner John Martein to raise money for the occasion and to raise awareness with regards to those with autism. “It’s difficult to have, ” McMeniman stated of autism. “Sometimes children can’t go in stores simply because they’ll yell and people will appear at you and make faces. It is good to educate the public about this. ”In addition to the body fundraiser, McMeniman and the girl family take part in the Walk regarding Autism Speaks, on a group named for her son.

AWESOME! I am considering this, significantly. Great idea! How cool! Don't think I can do a tattoo, no need for much more pain. But , I have a number of autism t shirts, magnets in the car, etc . My boy has a pin he dons when we go out that states, Life lessons in progress. Autism. 10 Autism Tattoos Thanks for your patience. I think the greater awareness, the better! Just today I was thinking about adding possibly the puzzle piece as well as ribbon to my boy's name (tatooed 2 yrs. ago) on my arm. The bows would look nicer, consider there are ribbons for every thing, I don't think it would produce any interest. The challenge - people might request "why do you have a problem on your arm".

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