Badass Tattoos For Girls


Badass Tattoos For Girls Girls love to have lower back tattoos primarily because it adds to their sexy and charming appeal. They accentuate and highlight the natural curvatures of the body as it peak out from a low-rise jeans, mini skirts or short shorts. Famous celebrities even gloried on the allure of lower back ink. Angelina Jolie has a Thai tattoo of a tiger, Pamela Anderson has a tribal tattoo design and Julia Roberts has the infamous butterfly tat.

When it comes to designs for lower back tattoos, the key is to settle for something that will be perfectly symmetrical to the shape of the region. Usually, the ones that are oblong or rectangular shape would fit in perfectly. Designs like tribal, butterfly, flowers and vines have been overused in this area. There are tons of other ideas there, try to be unique and original as possible. Just explore your creativity and imagination and you will soon be coming up with a rare yet ornately beautiful design of your own.

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