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Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Book At first of the book, Mikael Blomkvist gets sentenced to jail for three months for libeling of well-known Swedish company man Hans-Erik Wennerstrom. Mikael had been accusing Wennerstrom for several kind of white-collar crimes, however in the end all the evidence drops to pieces for some reason. Mikael pledges for revenge because he thinks the phrase was underserved. Soon this individual seems to get a change for this, when another business-mogul Henrik Vanger approaches him using and interesting and attractive offer. Vanger wants Mikael to solve a mystery that is an obsession to Henrik Vanger: what happened to be able to his niece Harriet Vanger forty years ago when the girl just disappeared without a know. And if Mikael succeeds, Vanger will give him Wennerstrom's go on a plate. Another piece of work for Mikael is to write a guide about Vanger-family and its historical past. Mikael agrees to take the task and spend a year within Vanger-family's hometown, a little city Hedestad. 300 km to the north from Stockholm.

The Girl using the Dragon Tattoo starts off simply by introducing us to the primary characters of Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander. The two characters are a work involving genius in themselves and the readers slowly but surely gets transported in to the world that they live in. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Book Along with easy to follow subject matter and some excellent translation from the original Swedish work, The Girl with the Monster Tattoo has a style dissimilar to anything I've ever go through before in a fiction book. I was totally hooked in it from the very beginning and cherished the complex yet comprehensive storyline, eager to move on in one chapter to the next.

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