Kingpin Tattoo Supply


Kingpin Tattoo Supply. Kingpin tattoo supply has been offering vital products and services to the business since 1996, it they have a selection for the tattoo and piercing industry. I have dealt with kingpin on a regular basis and they’re customer support is top-notch, I have experienced certain issues in the past of these not carrying a product as well as within a month they were transporting it or called me personally with a timeline to wherever they had to meet with the suppliers of the product and set it up a response if they could or might carry it,

another issue i had formed is the perforation on their throw away tubes and needles (seemed every batch i purchased of either they weren’t perforated all the way through and wound up having to cut them from the rest of the pack, I educated them the next time I positioned an order and they set it up a courtesy call back explaine to me they informed the proper stations and haven’t had an issue since. Another definite in addition is they supply to the expert artist (so scratchers do not need to apply) only, and do the to make sure you have credentials.

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