Matching Tattoos For Girls


Matching Tattoos For Girls The particular Gemini Zodiac symbol, also known as The Twins, looks like the Aventure numerals II. This is to symbolize the twin sons associated with Zeus and Leda throughout Greek mythology, called Castor and Pollux. This has affected tattoo designs, as the twins in many cases are shown as twin numbers or twin heads, and is male or female.

Matching Tattoos For Girls The symbol by itself is simple and many people select a simple design, particularly if this is a first tattoo, but there exists plenty of scope for turn. If the tattoo is to keep in mind someone special then it is usually more decorative, with blossoms in and around the symbol and perhaps a date of birth as well as death. Arms and legs are well-known places for a Gemini body because the vertical design has a tendency to flow with the limbs.

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