Small Tattoo Ideas For Girls


Small Tattoo Ideas For Girls The popularity of tattoos for women has increased tremendously in the last decade. Especially in vogue are designs that are cute, small and feminine. As tattoos on women have gained in popularity, so have the design ideas that make tattoos sexy and attractive. Due to the fact that females are smaller physically than males, tattoos on females are usually smaller and prettier than the ones found on males. Here are some design ideas that are favored by women, as they are cute, small and pretty:

The butterfly tattoos are the most popular design for women. They are simple and elegant, without being overly gaudy. Butterfly tattoos are considered visually pleasing and definitely feminine. Having a life size or smaller beautifully designed butterfly on your ankle or shoulder is both graceful and pretty. For some people, there are special meanings in butterfly tattoos. Depending on the culture, they can mean rebirth, transformation, delicate beauty, freedom or good luck.

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