Tattoos For Girls On Hip


Tattoos For Girls On Hip Although tattoos are generally painful on any part of the body, the hips are usually the most painful area to ink. Nevertheless, many people (mainly women) still chose to get a tattoo in this area due its sensual location. A tattoo on the side of your hip is not merely sensual however, as it also symbolizes strength, confidence, beauty, and individuality.

Getting a tattoo on the side of your hip is painful because of the bony nature of the hip. There is not a lot of fat or muscle in this region, causing a lot of pain from the needle pressing against the nerves and bone.

Females are more likely to get one on the side of the hip since this area is considered very sexy on women. Additionally, women are more likely to wear clothes which reveal this part of the body. Among the different locations for a tattoo on the body, the hip is definitely the most attractive and sensual region among females.

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