The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 2016


The woman With The Dragon Tattoo 2016 Daniel Craig plays reporter Mikael Blomkvist as weighty, grizzled and crumpled; from the mature, humble performance from your Bond star, allowing co-star Rooney Mara to steal often the film as Lisbeth Salander. Mara is compelling through her first shot, striding fast and looking ahead, almost all angular, jerky nods along with head-tilts like a crow. Dark leather creaks as the girl moves; her hair stays up in brittle spikes whilst her black-lipsticked mouth pecks at a cigarette.
The Girl With all the Dragon Tattoo 2016 The girl inhabits the city's subcultures like a wary goblin, the girl face blue-lit as the lady bends over laptops, the woman fingertips rattling out the clacking rhythms of computer cracking. This is not an imitation involving Noomi Rapace's 2009 overall performance, but a close adaptation, keeping the quick Swedish greetings of "hej hej" as well as the brusque thanks of "tak".

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